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and nautical

Naval supplies:
from furnishings to accessories

We offer only quality nautical accessories, a wide range of anchoring and mooring equipment, nautical hardware, deck accessories, safety accessories, ladders and gangways, sailing equipment, fenders and buoys, flags, etc…

Furthermore, as an onboard provider, we carry out naval supplies such as mooring lines, paper tapes for finishing, American tapes, anchors, buoys, fender, fender covers, shackles and metal accessories in stainless steel.

Interior furnishing
for boats

Rivamare supplies nautical accessories and furnishings for boats of high construction quality, designed to allow you to better enjoy your boat trip or your small cruise. Our company deals with everything related to interior furnishings of commercial ships and private yachts, providing furnishings for boats such as kitchens by “Miele”, lounges, tables, chairs, and much more.

In our store, there is a department entirely dedicated to Nautical hardware.
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