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Sailing ropes

The quality and strength of ropes are essential for the safety of the boat and performance in races.

Our staff will be happy to advise you for your every need, from the rope to the most sophisticated .

Mooring Lines of all sizes even for mega yachts ready on stock; Halyards and sheets for sailboats, made from polyester to Dyneema as well as a vast choice of natural ropes.

“poca cima, poco marinaio”

The saying goes that sometimes “too much is too much”. Well, proverbs are often right, but in this case certainly not on board, sailing on the sea.

Because every good sailor knows that, while sailing, suddenly finding oneself with just one inch less of the necessary rope, can lead to a lot of trouble.

Here the proverbs come back to our aid once more: “Melius abundare quam deficere” said our wise Latin ancestors; better to be abundant than to be scarce, especially at sea and especially when it comes to ropes, to be abundant both in length and in different types: in natural rope, in polyester, in dyneema, in nylon, polypropylene, etc.

So it’s absolutely true, our proverb literally means: Little rope leads to a little sailor.

Finally, of course, lets remember that ropes are not all the same, and quality matters. But every good sailor knows this perfectly well.

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